Prototype Polymer lenses

OSC can support your research and development by precisely machined lenses.

Why choose us.
-High quality: PV>1um, Ra>20nm
-Variety of materials :OKP, Zeonex, APEL, PC, PMMA.
-Low volume, Short lead time: 1 piece is available from 2 weeks.

High quality lenses by CNC milling / Turning : PV>1um, Ra>20nm

We fabricate custom lenses from 3D data(STEP, IGES).
Please contact us if you have only 2D data.

Q: A machined Lenses cannot be used as optical lenses because they are not transparent enough, rough surface, distortion.

A: OSC’s machined lenses prototyping service can offer high quality Aspheric lens, Free-form and any form of
your design. : PV>1um(1.5λ), Ra>20nm


– 3D CAD data(STEP, IGES)
– Diameter, thickness , Radius, Aspherical coefficient

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Variety of materials : Optical materials for PMMA, Polycarbonate, ZEONEX, OKP etc.

Q: Materials for mass production, which are pellet, are not able to choose when fabricating prototypes.
A: You can choose pellet materials. OSC can arrange block materials by injection molding that no need tooling charge. Polycarbonate is the same.


– Aspherical lenses or Free-form lens fabricated by CNC milling / Turning
– Lens Materials : PMMA, PC, Iupizeta, OKP, Zeonex, APEL etc.

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Low volume, Short lead time: 1 piece is available from 2 weeks.

Q: The injection molding cannot meet the budget and lead time for prototyping and cannot choose small quantities in short lead time.
A: Then it’s the right timing to consider OSC’s machined optics. OSC’s machining process doesn’t need tooling charge. Low cost, short lead time from 2 weeks, small quantity from 1 pieces.

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